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such as Mayflower Descendants, 

Early America, 

First Families and Pioneers, 

Daughters of American Colonists,

Sons or Daughters 

of the American Revolution,

there are many societies one might be eligible for ~  Ideas can be found at: 

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Forensic Genealogy
​​Photography Services
Family cemeteries, headstones, the home you grew up in, a church or other sites associated with your family history are all places that have enriched your life and color your family history and can be added to your genealogy. Did you inherit a few odd photos while cleaning out an old suitcase, trunk or cabinet?  Are they ancestors, an old family friends or sponsor?  Photographs capture the images and details of our memories, but also reveal missed dates, places and people.  We can help you decipher clues that could unlock another piece to your family puzzle.

Maybe you've hit a brick wall in your own genealogical research.  You may need to "jump-start" your family history with some new ideas or you need suggestions for avenues of research that you may not have thought of.  Let's work together to re-think your research plan.  We're available for basic, detailed or advanced family history work in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts; with records located at Augusta State Library or Maine State Archives, Maine Historical Society, and multiple Maine county seats, town offices, town museums and historical societies that you may not be able to visit.

M. Kathryn Kelly | Genealogist

Research Services

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  • Will and Probate Research
  • Deed Research
  • ​Affidavit Prepartation
  • Transcriptions and/or Abstracts of old letters, diaries, historical deeds and scripts, legal documents, illustrated caligraphies, archival microfilm, paleography, old town records, family bibles

"Forensic genealogy establishes identity for legal purposes. The types of cases requiring a modern forensic genealogist's expertise include resolution of trust and estates, land title issues, military service, guardianship, insurance  benefits, paternity questions, and intellectual property rights. The successful forensic genealogist also handles an expanded repertoire including provenance, identity theft, historical fraud, and DNA identification of many kinds."

Historical Research Services

The time and place that your ancestors lived in shaped their family more than we realize. Weather, plague, occupations, education, crop failure, political unrest, wars, and the isolation of living in the interior long before other arrived or a trading post or fort were built; each played its role in the success or failure of a family, a farm, a even the whole village. 

Timelines and town histories give us a snapshot of daily life, but what really molded a day, a week or a season?  ​We do field and historical research for writers, educators and authors.  One thought is all it takes.  Propose  an idea or research plan for your book or short story. Add color to your genealogy.  
There is no better story than the truth itself.