M. Kathryn Kelly,  Genealogist
       Beach Swans Genealogy

"Each family, however modest its origins,
possesses it own particular tale of the past - a tale which can
bewitch us with as great a sense of insistent romance,
as can ever the tradition of kings." 
                                       Llewelyn Powys. 'Earth Memories'. Norton.


a unique GIFT
Plan ahead for a Holiday,
family reunion, birthday 
or special family event.
Give the Gift to remember,
the gift of
your Family's story

M. Kathryn Kelly

POBox 1055 - Bethel Maine -04217


Genealogy is a wonderful puzzle.
Who are you? Where did your family come from? Who do you think you are and why did your ancestors choose this place?

Learn about  yourself as you learn your family's history.  Find your New England ancestors; your Veteran of the Colonial Wars, Bagaduce Expedition, King Phillip's War, the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, or Aroostock War. Who were your emigrant ancestors? Were they Loyalists sent to Canada, First Settlers, ground-breakers, farmers, tradesman?

Work with a Maine genealogist specializing in early settlements and first families. Celebrate your place in history.

How do we know where we are going if we don't know where we have been?


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